Item List

Borderless Support

Borderless Support includes priority service and support to all of your devices to help utilize the full potential of the internet.

Family Care

Take Control. Set up unique restrictions on internet access for each member of your family. Block inappropriate content, set daily limits for the total time spent online and restrict internet access to certain times of the day.


Connect reliably from anywhere, to anywhere. Our partner networks of high-speed servers across 94 countries puts you in control.

Net Build 360

A tailered solution for any home or office looking to outsource their network setup. It includes Consulation, Deplyment & Configuration of State of the art Network.

Net Doctor

A visit from our exprienced team, to help you plan for the best solution to cover all required areas in your home or office and get the best inernet experience. 

Secure Net

Your doors are locked, but what about your Network? let us help you protect your digital life.

Static IP

Enjoy online gaming, setup a webcam and utilize IoT devices with ease by using a static IP for your home or business.

Upload Booster

Your needs require high upload speeds? with upload booster you can increase your upload speed to match your download speed.

neo Mesh WiFi

Includes 2 mesh routers to cover your home or business with one seamless Mesh Network with unparalleled control & QoS

- Upfront payment of 99 JD is available

- 7 JD/ Month are added for each additional router needed or 60 JD upfront.

- Price includes Configuration of devices